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Police arrested Women Rights activists at Dhaka press club


Bangladesh News - Political news

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Updates: Police arrested Women Rights activists

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At least 4 women professionals have been arrested by the police while attending a press briefing at the Dhaka Press Club Today, the 5th of January. A witness informed as many as 15 may have been detained so far by the police.

The Women Rights Organisation Bangladesh (the Nari Adhikar Shongstha Bangladesh) called a press briefing today to protest the arrest of 20 women members of Bangladesh Islami Chatri Shangstha. The police have surrounded the Dhaka Press Club as of 5:59 pm and many members of The Women Rights Organisation are still inside the Press Club.

Police detained 12 suspected members of the Islami Chhatri Sangstha, the female student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami, in front of National Press Club in the capital on Saturday afternoon.

Seven activists were arrested from the west gate of the Press Club while the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) detained five more, Deputy Police Commissioner (Ramna circle) Syed Nurul Islam told journalists.

Shahbagh police picked them up at around 3:30pm while they were going to the Press Club to take part in the round-table discussion.

The police officials said that those arrested were the aides of the 20 women activists nabbed earlier.

On Dec 17, the law enforcers raided the Chhatri Sangstha office at Moghbazar in the capital and arrested 20 leaders and activists.

In protest against the “torture” of the detained Chhatri Sangstha members and demanding their release, the activists of the women’s wing of the Islamist party organised a round-table at the Press Club on Saturday under the banner of Nari Odhikar Andolon (Women Rights Movement).

During the round-table, the women protested against the arrest of the 20 women and demanded their immediate release.

The arrested 15 women professionals include:

1. Prof Chamon Ara, renowned Writer & former Principal of Eden College

2. Momtaz Mannan, Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh

3. Noor Jahan Begum Shammi, Assistant Professor, Manarat University.

The 15 women professional confined include 2 News Producer of a Private Television channel, Physician, Electric Engineer, Accountant, 3 Lecturers of Government Colleges & 2 School teachers.

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